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Who is Manny Gonzales of Sacramento

Manny Gonzales was born March 31, 1989 in Fallbrook, California. In 2003, at the age of 14 he started training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Gracie Barra black belt Ricardo Guimaraes in Temecula, California, instantly falling in love with the sport, he began training as often as possible, competing and doing well on the local circuit. He has over 10 years of experience teaching and training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and opened Ralph Gracie Association in the Sacramento Area to teach and train young kids to adults in the art of Brazilian Jui-Jitsu.

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Why Manny Gonzales & Ralph Gracie Sacramento?


Black Belt in Brazilian


Over A Decade Of Training & Competing


Passion For Training Kids & Adults

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Why Brazilian Jui-Jitsu?

Brazilian Jui Jitsu is a self defense and combat sport martial art which focuses on grappling and submission holds. As a martial artist of Brazilian Jui-Jitsu, your goal is controlling your opponent by gaining a dominant position through submissions, locks and chokeholds. Parents love the sport because it teaches their children good values, discipline, allows their children to protect themselves and healthy competition. Adults love the sport for various reasons, the health aspects of increased strength and cardio to competition to self defense. Learn the art of Brazilian Jui-Jitsu with Manny Gonzales BJJ in Sacramento.


I have both of my kids (ages 4 & 6) in classes here and we love it. This is the first extracurricular activity that my kids absolutely love and I don’t have to give them extra encouragement to go because they are always excited to go! Manny is great with kids and does an amazing job keeping them engaged and focused. I highly recommend!!!

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Very clean and friendly. Highly recommend this place. Great coaches and environment for kids.

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Never a disappointment!!! Great leadership and inspiration.

manny gonzales bjj ralph gracie reviews


This is the best Jiu Jitsu Academy in Sacramento.Manny is a great teacher.The kids program is excellent and the students atmosphere,attitude is awesome.

manny gonzales bjj ralph gracie reviews


The owner Manny is super cool and works with the kids very well. He’s extremely flexible with times and payment. I love the culture here. I enrolled all four of my kids for a reasonable price. They are all very excited to learn how to protect themselves from fighting and bullying. I’m so glad I was referred to this organization.

manny gonzales bjj ralph gracie reviews


Great training atmosphere. Professor Manny and coach Nathan were welcoming and open handed with their jiujitsu techniques.  Great academy, brand new mats, clean floors and excellent training. Would recommend to jiujitsu practitioners of all levels and ages.

manny gonzales bjj ralph gracie reviews

Where You Can Find Us

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